Laboratory equipment

Two-bowl vertical laboratory padder EF-35

elad lab foulard ef 35

This laboratory padder can be used as dye and finishing padder in every textile factory.
Made with the newest CNC machines is this a very precise apparatur.
Durability was the main reason for us to choose stainless steel and brass as major materials for this unit.
With standard pneumatic cylinders for pressure transmission.
Content of liquor trough approx. 1200 cc.

Roller width: 350 mm
Roller diameter: 110 mm
Roller hardness 70 degrees Shore A.
Drive: 380V / 50 Hz / 0,25 kW.
Roller speed: 25 rpm / min.
Pneumatic pressure : 300 N/cm.

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Temperature sensitive tape - Thermolabels TL-8-330 type 800
Exact measuring – with highest reaction accuracy – in dry and moist places – even at places which are difficult to reach.

Moisture meter Aquaboy TEM-1

For determination of the residual moisture content of fabric rolls, yarn bobbins, filaments, fiber flocks etc.
This moisture meter is battery operated (9V) designed for easy portability.
Fast operation with an instant and accurate reading.
The TEM-1 is accepted as the standard moisture meter for the textile industry !
It has 3 scales for direct reading of moiture content in percents in wool, rayon and cotton.
And also a 0-100 scale for cmparison tables used for other materials.

Having connected the electrode to the meter, bring it into firm contact with the product to be measured. De-press the white measuring button and read the result directly on the meter scale. Release the white button to finish the operation.

The unit can be supplied with different measuring electrodes, like;
205 = needle electrode, length 1"(25 mm)
206 =  needle electrode, length 1 3/4"(45 mm)
207 = needle electrode, length 4"(100 mm)
210 = knife electrode, length 4 1/4"(110 mm)
211 = roller electrode heads for measuring moving webs

Lab sample cutter Lab-018

Laboratory cutter for circular samples of 100 cm²
To establish the exact m² weight of all kind of fabrics.
Complete with 1 cutting plate and 1 set of knives.

Cutting plates for circular cutter

Spare set for circular cutter
Consisting of 5 cutting plates and 100 knives

Portable electronic precision balance

With LCD display
stainless steel weighing pan dia 120 mm.
suitable for a wide range of weighing applications.
Battery or AC power with autom. shut off.
Standard rectangular windshield.
Capacity: 300 g
Readability 0.01 g.

Moisture balance type AMB

The AMB moisture balance is a precision device for the determination of moisture content in small samples of material by drying the sample with halogen heaters.

- 3 Different executions; 50, 110 and 310 g.
- Readability 1 mg (all types)l
- Large LED displays shows percentage moisture or percentage solid, plus mode, temperature and time.
- 2 Quartz halogen heaters provide constant and even drying.
- 7 Preset drying modes
- Temperature range 50 to 160 degrees C.
- Also available in high temperature version operating up to 250 degrees C.
- Analysis automatically terminates when drying is complete or after a user selectable time.
- Memory for temperature correction for 9 types of sample (user programmable)
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Disposable aluminium sample pans

Set of 250 disposable alu sample pans.
These sample pans are also very often used in combination with the moisture balance AMB.

Thread counter

dradenteller model 2
Thread counter, brass, type 2000
foldable, with optical polished glass.
Dimensions: 15 x 15 mm, magnification 10 x.

Thread counter

dradenteller model 4
Thread counter, brass, type 4000
foldable, with optical polished glass.
Dimensions: 25 x 25 mm, magnification 6 x.

Thread counter

dradenteller model 3
Thread counter, brass - nickel plated - type 3000
foldable, with optical polished glass.
Dimensions: 20 x 20 mm, magnification 8 x.

Finishing scissor

schaar finny
Perfect curved blade scissor.
Easy to use and wear for everybody.
Stainless steel blade.
Adjustable with screw.
Perfect grip, ergonomic design.
Length 13,5 cm - for right and left-hand use.

Packed per 5 pieces.

Shear 235 mm - with soft handle

Soft (green) handle shear.
Useable for cutting heavy cloth, fabric, rubber etc.
Both right and left handed.
Total lenght 230 mm (9”).

Ergonomic work light PL - 7 W

Elad ergonomic and compact needle light (work light) PL - 7W.
Extremely low heat emission.
Energy efficient and an even distribution of light.
Long life bulbs.
Easy to change bulb (which we can offer seperately).
Light is delivered with table clamp